Saturday, June 21, 2008

I am published now!

So, haven't posted here for a while. I decided that pop culture was commented on enough. What is there really left to say about the Incredible Hulk or Indiana Jones? Is life so long that I should lament the supremely unsatisfying nature of CG effects? Besides. I've entered the upper echelon as I am now key player in The Onion AV Club. That's right, they published my immaculately worded letter regarding the unattainability of old school Letterman episodes, answered by no less than chief editor Nathan Rabin. I didn't really think they would include may gushing praise of sir Rabin, and his answer was not all that informative, but fucking A, my words appeared on The Onion AV Club. sucks at making links work so cut and paste this:,2351/

This is the basic equivalent of a pussy hound getting his letter published in the forum section of Hustler. Also, the only fruits to date of a BA in Media Criticism, maybe the only fruits ever.

Here's what I want: